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Youth Safety

By far, the primary responsibility of the scouting program is to keep all participants safe. This is accomplished through several methods:

  1. Training: All adult volunteers are required to undergo Youth Protection Training (YPT). Cubmasters and outdoor activities leaders also undergo further training related to youth safety during outdoor activities.
  2. Rigorously enforced rules: “Two-deep leadership” requires at least two adults to be present for all trips and outings, and prohibits one-to-one contact between youth and adult volunteers. As mandated reporters, adult volunteers are required to report signs of abuse to higher authority.
  3. Volunteer screening: All adult volunteers undergo fingerprinting and background checks.
  4. Program: All outdoor activities adhere to standards set by the national BSA organization, including camp site selection, age-appropriate activities, and proper preparation for hiking, camping, etc. The Buddy System is an integral part of all outings.
  5. Bullying: The BSA and our pack has a strict no-bullying policy. Hazing and disrespectful behavior is not tolerated.

Any concerns about the safety of any of the youth in our pack can be directly communicated to the Ventura County Council Scout Executive (currently George Villalobos: ) or online at

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